The president of Ecuador warns the UK!


Demand Assanges freedom, take a stand for human rights!

Petition to European court for human rights. Free Julian Assange via @causes

Politics is not a fashion topic, its the very foundation for humans survival!

The importance of the people engaging in politics and question our politicians and their agenda is vital, cruicial even. We must never forget that politics is not a fasion topic, it is the very foundation for humans survival and so far the world politicians is far from living up to the standards most populations expect from their governments. This is our responsibility to change, to investigate, question and make very sure the people at power carry out a humane form of politics all over the planet. We must never stop to think individually and critically and always demand an open dialouge and full information from the people who are at power in order to serve us all. We can never allow dictatorship, and the fact that 1 nation declares itself world police and thru that actually “run” the rest of the nations who are trying to coexist on this planet is absolutely dispicable. Dare take a stand for human rights and politics that will benefit the people instead of the few rich people who now seem to run most things to their own benefits where personal profit is the nr 1 priority. The day politicians begin to like my questioning their agenda, thats the day i do something very wrong. Thats the day i left my firm belief in all people is equal and human rights is not achieved as long as politicians are allowed to carry on undisturbed and unquestioned. That will never happen because thats the day i can no longer live with myself!