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Boycott Sweden and UK to protect human rights!


A must see video for anyone with any sence of right and wrong!

Can anyone please explain to me what reason Assange have to ever trust the swedish justice system or any politician after seeing this?    I sure dont and i have to live with this system. Time for us criticals to seek asylum from Sweden????

Sweden has the last word on giving up Assange to USA thru laws but also by a special agreement with USA!

Here is the very reason Assange need to keep the position he has been forced to take. It shows he has very high knowledge about Swedens laws and considering the threats on his life Assange shows a very healthy survival instinct when he demands guarantees from the swedish state to not be handed over to USA. The Swedish Government has the last word in matters of extradition:, but it is in itself bound by the Supplementary Convention on Extradition between USA and Sweden, 1961 (SÖ 1984:34)

Here is how USA really works!

Please do watch the video on top of this page, and scroll to bottom for the 5 posts that sent this man to a mentalhospital by the FBI. The hunting down people who believe in free speech is never ending and obviously the methods used are insane but unfortuantly in full use everywhere. Who knows who disappears the next time? And lets all start praying we have people who will contact and find the right people to get us out should the day come to you and me….

Assange… link to another blogger who saved twitters from 1 of the alleged victims!

Here is a link with twitter posts from Anna Ardin ( 1 of the alleged rapevictims) made after the alleged rape that was erased after the women went to Ardins friend within the police. Can easily be fairly translated on google or bing translate. She posts a request for a crayfish party for her and “Julian” since he wants to attend one the day after the alleged rape. The next night at 2 am, she posts ” too sit outside with the smartest most intelligent people in the world and not even be cold, its amazing”  To all who call Assange names and cry rape etc, please explain how the conspiracynuts as you call all who question the fairness in how Mr Assange is treated….What do we call this to justify the witchhunt on this man? Or maybe we just enforce a new term, “out in the public freely twittering when we can be at the policestation already if we were raped stockholm syndrome” ??????