Sweden has the last word on giving up Assange to USA thru laws but also by a special agreement with USA!

Here is the very reason Assange need to keep the position he has been forced to take. It shows he has very high knowledge about Swedens laws and considering the threats on his life Assange shows a very healthy survival instinct when he demands guarantees from the swedish state to not be handed over to USA. The Swedish Government has the last word in matters of extradition: https://lagen.nu/1957:668, but it is in itself bound by the Supplementary Convention on Extradition between USA and Sweden, 1961 (SÖ 1984:34)


About exposethecriminalgovernments

Politically engaged for 20 years not belonging to any specific political party. A firm believer in human rights in Sweden and rest of the world. Fully convinced that a huge majority of our politicians across the planet are very well schooled in hiding uncomfortable truths, and will forever use the divide and conquer methods to control people and finances to their own best interest. Ignorance,is peoples worst enemy and it ought to be in everyones best interest to always question politicians and their agenda. The politics should always be in the best interest of the people or the very meaning of democracy and governments loose all credibility.

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